Business Setup in Fujairah Free Zone (FFZ).

Fujairah Free Zone Business SetupFujairah Free Zone (FFZ) was established two in 1987 near the Sea Port and International Airport. The companies established in Fujairah Free Zone can enjoy better connectivity with the rest of the world in a cost effective way. The feeder vessels and mainline services from Fujairah Port to different ports across the world is a boost to international trade.

Fujairah Free Zone is unique in its easy and quick business setup procedures, cost effective packages, wide choice of cheaper facilities and company formation in minimum time. Since its establishment Fujairah Free Zone has grown manifold, attracting investors from around the world. Setting up a business in Fujairah Free Zone is relatively an easy, simple, cost effective and time saving process.

A fortunate combination of geographic location, better connectivity to world’s major shipping routes, a modern sea & airport and simplified procedures make the Fujairah Free Zone an ideal place for starting and growing business.

Advantages of Fujairah Free Zone (FFZ)

In addition to the advantages of setting up a business in other UAE Free Zones, companies in FFZ have easy access to flourishing markets in the region and across the world. Well-connected land, sea and air transport facilities acts as a boon for foreign trade. Fujairah Free Zone also opens up a wide range of business and industrial segments suitable for investment. Efficient and cost effective investment facilitation is another major advantage of FFZ. Moreover the investment security and investment friendly policies of Fujairah Free Zone are noteworthy.

Types of Companies in Fujairah Free Zone

If you are an investor planning to setup a business in Fujairah Free Zone, you can start either a Free Zone Establishment (FZE) with a single shareholder or a Free Zone Company (FZCo) with two to five shareholders. Both individuals and artificial juridical persons like companies can become shareholders. An existing company registered in UAE or outside UAE can register a branch in Fujairah Free Zone.

Types of License issued in FFZ

Fujairah Free Zone (FFZ), normally issues the following types of licenses:

Trading or Commercial License – allows the licensee to import, export, re-export, store and distribute the items specified in the license freely in the Free Zone and outside the UAE.

General Trading License – allows the license holder to deal in a wider variety of goods except prohibited or regulated goods, which requires special approval from concerned authorities.

Service License – suitable for firms offering professional services like accounting, business consultancy…

Industrial License – allows the licensee to engage in industrial or manufacturing activities.

Warehousing License – suitable for investors who wish store, pack and distribute the goods specified in license.

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