Business Setup in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC)

DHCC Business setup - Dubai Healthcare City was established in the year 2002 with a vision to emerge as an internationally acclaimed centre for healthcare, medical education, research, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, wellness and allied support. DHCC is a special purpose free zone regulated by Dubai Healthcare City Authority (DHCA). The licensing and regulation procedures are handled by Centre for Healthcare Planning and Quality (CPQ), an independent regulator overseen by DHCA.

DHCC is the only free zone in UAE which is dedicated to healthcare, medical education and research. The free zone is located in the heart of Dubai near the Wafi Mall. Dubai Healthcare city (DHCC) is developed in two phases. Healthcare and medical education segments are covered in phase-I which is spread over 4.1 Million sq. ft. area. The Phase-II of DHCC is dedicated for wellness segment.

Today DHCC is home to many clinical partners, hospitals, OP medical centers and diagnostic laboratories across a number of specialties with licensed professionals from different parts of the globe. Reputed academic institutions also add to the integrated environment in Dubai Healthcare City.

Types of Companies in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC)

Dubai Health Care City Authority (DHCA) approves, registers and issues license for establishing a company in DHCC. The types of companies permitted in DHCC are:

Free Zone – Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC)

A free zone limited liability company is a separate legal entity apart from its shareholders. Individuals, corporate entities and both can become shareholders in FZ-LLC. Each Free Zone LLC should have at least one Director.

Every FZ-LLC registered in Dubai Healthcare City should satisfy minimum paid-up capital requirements (Commercial AED 50,000 and Clinical AED 300,000).


A company registered in UAE or in any foreign country can setup a branch in DHCC. Branch has no separate legal identity apart from its parent company. A branch can carry out all or any of the activities of the parent company, subject to approval from DHCA. There is no minimum capital requirements for Branch of an existing company.

DHCA issues license to carry out business activities specified (in the license) within the free zone territory only.

Facilities available in Dubai Healthcare City for setting up a business

DHCC offers a wide range of facilities for setting up your business. Investors can choose the right facility to suitable to satisfy their business requirements. Following are the important facilities available in Dubai Healthcare City:

Clinical Spaces

Commercial and Retail Spaces

Freehold or Leasing Land suitable for Hospitals and Clinical or Commercial Offices

Business Centre

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